What really happened when Cesare went back to get Milana at her apartment?


She took her sweet time returning home.

I kicked back the remainder of my Cynar drink and tossed a few bills on the bar counter before crossing the piazza. Letting two Vespas and a Piaggio Ape pass in front of me, I crossed the street, just as Milana disappeared inside the outer door to her flat.

Her boss, Sal, popped his balding head out of his storefront. He wiped his hands on his leather apron. “Signor Cavalieri, she has returned.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder. “Yes, I see that. You are a good man, Salvatore.”

He interlaced his fingers and held his clasped fist to his chest. “Milana. She is a good girl. I think of her like a daughter, especially after… well….” He shrugged and waved his hand dismissively. “Like a daughter she drives me crazy sometimes, but she is a good girl. I don’t want to see her hurt.”

I placed a hand on my heart. “You have my word as a gentleman, Salvatore, I have only Milana’s best interests at heart. She will have a new home at our winery. I’m also lining up a new position for her to help me with our real estate holdings.”

My father and brother handled the winery and many of our other business dealings, but our vast land and property holdings were my responsibility. A significant portion of Cavalieri wealth was tied up in real estate and it took a great deal of effort managing it all.

I had decided, very recently in fact, that I needed an assistant.

And only a very particular assistant would do.

One with dark, flashing eyes.

Cute, curly hair cut in a bob that ended just below her ears.

And a fiery temper that made a man want to bend her over his knee and spank her until she begged for mercy… or to be fucked.

Sal nodded. “It is for the best. She is a smart girl. Too good for my tiny shop. Her and her friend, Amara. Those girls are too smart for this village.”

I laughed as I clapped him on the back. “What you say is probably true, but we are going to fight to keep them here, anyway.”

He pointed at me and chuckled knowingly.

Before walking away, I said, “Remember what we talked about. No matter what you hear, don’t interfere. And she no longer works for you. No matter what. It’s for her own good.”

He shook his head as he threw his palms into the air. “I didn’t hear a thing and there is no work. Good luck, my boy. You’ll need it.”

I used my copy of the key to open the outer door. I took the steps two at a time. When a reached the tiny landing, I unlocked her apartment door and pushed it open. I closed it softly behind me. Milana was not in the main room.

I saw my note torn into tiny pieces and discarded onto the small, half-moon table nearby, next to her keys and purse. I grinned, secretly loving getting a rise out of her.

I then stopped to listen for movement. There was a rustling noise coming from the bedroom, or rather Milana’s dressing room.

I crossed the space in two strides.

Racks filled with colorful clothes surrounded Milana as she placed a dress back on its hanger. She was wearing a blue lace bra with matching panties and a blue lace garter belt with sheer stockings and a pair of shiny cobalt blue fuck-me pumps. The kind where the toes peek out from the front. She bent over to pull her heels off, giving me a spectacular view of the curve of her ass.

I crossed my arms and leaned against the door frame. “Should I put on some music for this striptease?”

Milana turned with a shriek. “You! Get out!”

“I’m here to take you to the cottage where Amara is staying.” I looked around the tiny bedroom. “This apartment is too small and not safe enough.”

“I didn’t ask for your help or protection. Now get out before I start screaming.”

“Please do. I’d enjoy the sound of your… screams.”

As expected, my angry little fairy, tried to bolt past me.

I looped my arm around her waist and pulled her against my body.

She kicked out. “Let me go!”

Her foot caught one clothing rack, sending it crashing to the floor.

“My clothes!” She screeched before trying to whack me on the head with her high heel.

I snatched one heel from her hand and tossed it across the room. When she tried to attack me with the other, I did the same. I then tried to carry her out of the room.

Milana stretched out her legs and propped her stocking feet against the door threshold preventing me from taking her out of the room.

“Two can play at this game,” I hissed close her ear. Reaching around her hip with my free hand, I cupped her silk-clad pussy.

She cried out and quickly clasped her thighs closed, trapping my hand between them.

I carried her squirming form into the living area and tossed her onto her sofa/bed.

We were both breathing heavily from the exertion. I lengthened my arm and pointed my finger down at her. “You and I are going to get a few things straight—”

She bit my finger.

God fucking dammit. This was the second time… today… she had bitten me.

I fell upon her. Forcing her thighs open, I wedged my hips between them as I pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts. Trapping her flailing arms in one hand, I stretched them over her head. I cupped her right breast in my free hand and squeezed it. Hard.

Milana cried out.

Leaning down low, so she would feel my hot breath against her skin, I flicked her sensitive, vulnerable nipple with the tip of my tongue before I threatened, “I like to bite things too.”

Her entire body trembled beneath mine.

But what had begun as a tremble, became an uncontrollable shake.

She turned her head to the side and squeezed her eyes shut.


She didn’t respond.

I released her wrists.

She kept her arms where they were, as if I still restrained her.


I stroked her cheek; fear twisted my stomach.

Had I taken things too far?

Just then, she twisted her hips and brought her knee up, thankfully only catching me in the inner thigh and not the balls.

Before I could stop her, she had rolled off the sofa and tried to bolt for the door.

I would never make the mistake of underestimating my little minx again.

Apparently, her plan was to run downstairs and out of the apartment, despite being half naked.

The thought of anyone seeing her barely dressed, set my blood to boil.

Snatching the blanket, she obviously used as a bed cover off the sofa, I easily caught up with her. Using the blanket like a net, I threw it over her head, trapping her arms, and swung her over my shoulder. I gave her ass several swats as she screamed and cursed. Fortunately, there was a side door leading directly into Sal’s closed shop then to an outer door. I walked through that door and through his shop and out the back door to where my Defender X Land Rover was parked.

I bundled her inside and drove off before she had a chance to open the door and jump out.

She pulled the blanket off her head and pushed her tussled hair out of her eyes. “I will never forgive you for this, Cesare Cavalieri.”

I tossed her a glare, “Add it to my tab, Milana Carbone.”

I was done.

Fucking done.

The time had come to put our past aside and move forward.

And I had a plan to do just that….


To be continued…

Sins of the Son

Cavalieri Billionaire Legacy, Book Two