Enter The House

of Diamanti

The House of Diamanti is a powerful, family-owned jewelry company who control the vast majority of the world’s diamond mines with an iron fist from their empire headquarters in Rome. Intrigue and scandal follow the Diamanti heirs–Sebastian, Rafaello, Arcangelo, and Arabella–as they ruthlessly protect their privileged lives filled with luxury and hedonistic pleasure.

Meet The Powerful

Cavalieri Men

The loves, lives, and scandals of the powerful and domineering Cavalieri men as they operate their ancestral Italian winery in the Abruzzo countryside of Italy. Follow the patriarch, Barone and his sons, Enzo and Cesare, as they passionately claim the innocent women who capture their hearts.

Ivanov Crime Family

In the shadowy realm of their billionaire Russian mafia empire, the Ivanov brothers reign with iron fists, their control unyielding and their desires insatiable. With ruthless determination, they stop at nothing to claim who they desire. As innocent heroines are drawn into their web of power and passion, they discover resistance is futile. Soon, they are ensnared in a dark dance of dominance and submission, bound until death do them part.

Ruthless Obsession

When Darkness Craves Sweetness, Obsession Takes Hold. In the unforgiving realm of the Russian Mafia, a mere innocent mistake sparks a consuming obsession veiled in darkness. This sinfully seductive series delves into the forbidden allure of enemies turned lovers, where passion intertwines with pain. As these domineering men pursue their innocent heroines with relentless fervor, the stakes escalate, and danger ominously looms around every corner. Yet, nothing will deter these men from going to any length to possess the women they desire.
Introducing Blake Hensley, the sinfully decadent dream project of best friends and USA TODAY bestselling authors, Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley. The Gilded Decadence Series is a seductively dark tale of privilege and passion. Ripping off the gilded veneer of elite privilege exposes the sordid scandals, dark secrets, and taboo desires of New York’s jaded high society. Where the corrupt game is a seductive power struggle of old money, social prestige, and fragile fortunes… only the most ruthless survive.
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