“You were warned,” I growled as I reached for my belt buckle.

Carinna backed up a few steps as she raised her right-hand palm up. “Let me explain.”

I whipped the belt through the loops, folded it in half in front of me and snapped it. “There is nothing to explain. You should have known better than to try and deceive me.”

She ran a hand through her hair. “He said you would never find out.”

I stepped closer. “Well, I did, and now you are going to pay the price.”

She turned and ran for the bedroom door.

I reached it before she could and slammed it shut.

Holding her terrified gaze as I purposefully locked it, I nodded in her direction. “Take off your clothes.”

She wrapped her arms around her middle. “Please, Maxim. I’m still sore.”

“You should have thought of that before you pulled your little stunt. Now take off your clothes before I tear them off.”

Pushing her full lower lip out in a pout, Carinna unbuttoned her chef’s jacket and pulled it off her shoulders. She then gingerly raised the hem of the hot pink T-shirt she wore underneath and carefully pulled it over her head.

Her beautiful breasts bounced and swayed. Her nipples were still slightly swollen from the piercings she just got last week. Two bright silver hoops dangled from her pert nubs, each had a five-carat pink diamond in the shape of a heart as a charm.

“I’m losing my patience,” I warned as I slowly unbuttoned the cuffs to my shirt. As I watched her lower her yoga pants and panties, I unzipped my jeans and kicked off my boots.

Before tossing my jeans aside, I reached into the pocket. The weight of the chain caressed my palm as I pulled it free. Making sure I had her full attention, I tipped my hand, allowing the long  silver chain to dangle from my fingers.

Carinna’s eyes widened. “No. I’m not ready.”

The corner of my mouth lifted. “I don’t care.”

Once again, she turned to run. I caught her easily, pulling her slight weight against my taller frame. Her ass cradled my hard cock as I wrapped an arm around her waist. I whispered into her ear. “Brace yourself, moya malen’kaya iskra, this is going to hurt.”

I clamped the first alligator clip to her left nipple ring. I then clamped the second one to her right nipple ring, careful to keep the full weight of the chain in my hand.

Carinna inhaled sharply. “Ow! Please take them off! I’m begging you!”

I turned her around. Grasping her hair in my fist, I yanked her head back. “That’s right. Beg me like a good little whore.”

Her lips opened on a gasp right before I claimed them.

Pushing my tongue inside, I craved the taste of her fear and pain. Finishing the kiss by biting that full pouting lower lip, I gave her shoulders a push. She fell back onto the bed. Flicking the tip of my tongue over my lips, savoring the taste of her, I lifted my rock-hard shaft and clipped the final alligator clamp to the reverse prince albert silver ring at the end of my cock.

Blood pumped into my shaft, hardening it to a painful degree, at the sight of her vulnerable body sprawled on the bed — leashed to my cock.

My large hands grasped her upraised knees. I pushed her legs open as I knelt before her. “Look at me, babygirl.”

She captured my gaze over her prone body as I twisted the chain around my fingers. I then pulled on it. She bit her lip, stifling a cry, as her torso pitched upright trying to avoid the painful tug on her still sore pierced nipples. Using my chain wrapped knuckle, I teased her clit. I then ran my tongue along the seam before pulling the delicate nub between my teeth.

Carinna reached between her legs to grasp at my hair. “Yes! Fuck! Yes!”

As I flicked her clit with my tongue, I used the chain to stimulate her. Running the delicate silver links between her pussy lips, taunting her. The moment her body tensed then slackened from her orgasm, I grabbed her right leg and flipped her over onto her knees, careful to keep the chain linked to my cock between her legs.

I caressed her lower back in small circles before reaching for her hair. I twisted the long curly length around my fist and pulled. “Who’s my dirty girl?”

Carinna groaned. “I am, baby. I am”

I took my free hand and ran the tip of my fingers between her ass crack. “Who’s about to have her cute little ass filled with my cock?”

“Oh God,” she moaned.

I yanked on her hair. “Say my name.”

“Maxim,” she breathed.

“Good girl.”

I released her hair and reached for the lube on our nightstand. Prying her ass cheeks open, I poured a generous amount over her small, puckered hole. I then coated my cock and the silver chain. Tossing the bottle aside, I lined up my cock head, holding the chain taunt under my shaft.

Carinna looked at me from over her shoulder. I locked my gaze on hers as I slowly forced my cock into her tight ass. The chain pressed against my flesh, increasing my pleasure.

Carinna reached between her legs and teased her clit as her body tensed from the pain of my entrance.

I grabbed her hips and thrust forward till the base of my cock hit her ass cheeks. The movement pulled the chain linking my cock to her nipples taunt.

Carinna screamed. At first, she pitched forward but that only increased the painful pull on her nipple rings. She moved back onto her knees.

I pulled out and thrust again.

“Oh! Oh! Please, don’t. It pulls on my… my… oh God!”

Refusing to show any mercy, I pounded into her tight ass, knowing that each thrust of my cock tortured her sensitive nipples. “That’s it, dirty girl. Take the pain. Take my cock.” I also knew the chain deep inside her ass was adding to her painful pleasure.

The only sound in the bedroom was our heavy breathing and the clank of the chain linking us.

I leaned back and slapped her ass several times. “Fuck yeah, babygirl. I’m going to come so fucking deep in your ass.”

I could feel her fingertips brush the base of my shaft as she furiously caressed her clit.

We came at the same time. With a roar, I released my seed deep inside of her.

I didn’t even give her a chance to catch her breath. I carefully lifted her knee high, over the chain, and flipped her onto her back. I then lifted her into my arms and carried her into our spacious marble-tiled bathroom. Holding her close, I carried her into the shower while using my elbow to flick on the soothing spray of hot water.

After rinsing off our bodies and the chain, I finally unlinked us. I cradled her head close to my shoulder as I ran a soapy washcloth over her back then lower, cupping her ass. “Did you learn your lesson about trying to deceive me?”

She leaned back and smiled. “I promise will never try buying the cheap coffee beans ever again.”

I placed my hands on her jaw as I tilted her head back. “I’m worth billions, woman. I don’t give damn what the clerk at the grocery store says. Buy the expensive beans!”

She sighed as she leaned her head back on my shoulder. She then uttered a throaty chuckle as her fingertip played with my own nipple piercings. “So, what’s my punishment going to be when you learn I bought the cheap powdered creamer again?”