​This deleted scene was too intense for the book.


Gregor placed a finger under my chin and lifted my face to meet his angry gaze.

I swallowed.

“Take off your clothes.”

I looked around the brightly lit hallway. We were alone in the house but still, the idea of just stripping bare in so open a place made my stomach clench.

“Gregor, couldn’t we….”



His arm whipped out to catch me behind my neck. In one swift movement, he forced me to bend over the heavy oak table in the center of the entranceway. Ignoring my startled shout, he ripped my yoga pants and panties down to my knees. With my face pressed against the cold wood surface, I began to beg.

“Stop! Gregor! Stop!”

Knowing it was coming didn’t lesson the shock or sting.

Sparks flew behind my eyes as I squeezed them tight after the first strike of his hand. His large open palm had spanned my entire right butt cheek. The fiery flame of pain only increased in intensity as he spanked me.

The table rocked so violently with my struggles that we knocked over the vase of flowers in the center. It crashed to the marble floor scattering water and flower petals around us. I could feel hot prickles of heat course over my skin. I leapt from foot to foot as I rose up on my toes in a vain attempt to avoid his punishing hand.

Breathing heavily from his own exertion, Gregor straightened his shoulders. “Now take off your clothes.”
My soft sniffles were the only sound heard as I rose up and lifted my t-shirt over my head. Careful to avoid the water and shards of glass, I then kicked off my sneakers and finished pulling off my yoga pants and panties. I started to cross my hands protectively over my breasts but Gregor’s harsh command stopped me.


With my head lowered, I waited.

Gregor took a step back.

Through lowered lids, I watched him unbuckle his heavy leather belt.

Oh God.

Releasing the strap with a snap, he folded it in half and tapped it against his thigh. His voice was low and controlled, a sure sign of his anger. “Now I want you to crawl up those stairs,” he said, motioning to the wide, carpeted staircase which led to the second floor.
Taking a tentative step forward, I made sure to leave plenty of space between me and him as I made my way to the first step. Without thinking, I gingerly walked up the first few steps, more concerned with the stinging pain caused by each stretch of my heated skin as I stepped.

“Crawl,” he barked.

With a startled cry, I fell to my knees. The position stretched the skin over my ass even more and I let a hiss escape from between my teeth. Lifting a knee, I whimpered from the pain as I shifted to move up one step at a time.

The wool threads of the carpet bit into my knees and palms as I slowly made my way up. My face burned with humiliation as I could hear Gregor following me. Knowing full well, he had a complete few of my red ass and even glimpses of my already aroused pussy.

There were a pair of massive double doors at the top of the staircase. The master bedroom.

Gregor motioned with the hand which held his belt for me to continuing crawling inside.

In keeping with the provincial feel of the house, the entire bedroom was elegantly decorated in shades of cream. In the center, there was a large, mahogany four-poster bed. Above it was a silver-gilded, crystal chandelier suspended from double-recessed ceiling with an intricate leaf fresco pattern. In front of the white marble fireplace, directly across from the bed, was an upholstered chaise on top of a black and cream Moroccan-style rug. Suspended over the mantle was a silver framed mirror.

The light, sophisticated decor gave Gregor an even more menacing appearance.

Leaving me on my knees in the middle of the room, Gregor kicked the feet of the chaise till he had pushed it to the end of the bed.

“Step up.”

Not knowing what he had planned, I obeyed. Rising on my feet, I walked over to the chaise. Grasping the solid post, I lifted myself onto the chaise.

“Turn around.”

I faced him.

To my horror, I realized my elevated position at the end of the bed meant my body was on full display in the mirror over Gregor’s shoulder.

“Spread your legs wide.”

I began to tremble.

“Samara. You know, I don’t like asking twice.”

Holding onto the end posters of the bed, I spread my legs as wide as I could. The sides of my feet rested against the curved ends of the chaise.

Gritting my teeth, I tried to brace my body to control the trembling as I watched Gregor slowly unbutton his shirt. He shrugged out of it, giving me a full view of his heavily muscled and tattooed chest. Next, he released the top button of his jeans but stopped.
My eyes lowered to the stark outline of his cock as it stretched down his inner thigh, being restrained only by a thin piece of denim.
Taking a step back. Gregor raised his arm. Opening his hand, he let the leather belt unfold like an uncoiling snake.

As he took a step forward, I screamed and collapsed back onto the bed, curling up.

Undaunted, Gregor grabbed me by the hair and forced me to stand once more.

“Just for that, you get an extra ten.”

“Please! I’m sorry!”

“As I said, I plan to make sure of it.”

Leaving me standing, Gregor crossed over to a small door next to the bed. He opened it and stepped into the walk-in closet. After a moment, he emerged with two silk scarves.

“No! Please! Don’t tie me up! I’ll be good.”

Ignoring my pleas, Gregor secured each of my wrists to the wooden posters. I now had no choice but to endure the full force of his belt whipping. Tears coursed down my cheeks as I waited helplessly for the punishment to begin.
It didn’t occur to me to fight him. At some point, I had conceded to him. Submitted to him. Falling under the draw of his strength and control.

The leather flap of his belt caught me between the legs. I howled with pain as my hips twisted.

“Get back in position.”

With shaking knees, I opened my legs again. He hit my pussy with the strap a second time. I cried out as the delicate folds between my legs throbbed.

I closed my eyes so I didn’t see his arm raise a third time. The belt whipped around my hip to strike the already sensitive skin of my left ass cheek.

I pulled on my wrist restraints as I struggled to keep my knees from buckling. Heaving in great gasps of air, I struggled to bring breath into my lungs.

This time the belt whipped around my other side, catching my sore right cheek.

The hard leather hit both my inner thighs and stomach before returning to my pussy.

I was sobbing now. My whole body seemed to pulse with agonizing heat.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded.

I caught my reflection in the mirror. My pale skin was scarlet with strap marks from his belt. My eyes large and bright with tears.
Gregor’s tanned hand reached up to pinch one of my nipples. I bit my lip as he then slapped the underside, the soft weight of my breast bouncing with each angry touch of his hand. He turned to my other breast. I could see red splotches appear across the delicate flesh.

“Who’s in charge?”

“You are.” My voice was a ragged whisper.

“Are you going to forget that fact again?”

I shook my head vigorously no. I was so beyond words, I barely noticed when he released my wrists from their silk restraints.

“Kneel. Bend over the bed.”

As slowly as possible, I shifted on the chaise and slowly lowered to my knees. I rested my cheek against the silken coverlet, grateful for the cool feel against my tear-stained cheek.

“Reach back and open your cheeks.”

“Please Gregor. I’ve learned my lesson.”

His response was to spank my already sore ass with his open palm.

With a cry, I reached back and spread open my ass cheeks, feeling vulnerable and humiliated.

Second by agonizing second ticked by.

I then felt the tip of his finger caress my asshole. I reflexively clenched it in response.

Gregor whispered darkly over my shoulder, “By all rights, I should fuck your ass dry to truly teach you a lesson.”

“Please don’t.”

He pressed his finger against my hole. I tried clenching it tight but I was no match for the strength of his thick finger. It thrust into my ass to the knuckle.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” I whimpered.

With only the lubrication of my own arousal, it burned as the skin stretched to accommodate his forced entry.

He pulsed his finger in deeper a few times and then withdrew.

I held my breath.

I felt the head of his cock at my pussy entrance. The pressure of his flesh pushing against my tender folds made me swallow a cry of pain.

To my deep humiliation, I was wet and ready for him.

As I waited for his piercing thrust, I heard the jangle of his metal belt buckle. Wrapping the leather around my throat, he slipped the end of the strap through the buckle and pulled it tight. I felt a rising panic as the leather pressed against my windpipe. I could feel the hard press of the buckle against the back of my neck.

“Time to prove your trust, mалы́шка.”

He thrust in deep as he pulled tight on the strap. I struggled to breathe as my body struggled to accommodate his thick girth. My fingers dug into the coverlet as I tilted my head as far back as I could, desperate to ease the pressure… desperate to pull air into my lungs.
I rocked back and forth with the force of his thrusts. The deeper he penetrated my body, the harder he pulled on the leather strap. The edges of my vision began to blur. My lungs seized. I clawed at the bed.

He thrust harder.

Proving his ownership over my body… my life… my soul.

I could feel a creeping euphoria slide over me the longer the leather strap cut off my air. It felt as if I were floating. The thrust of his cock was the only thing grounding me to this life. His hard length caused just enough pain to keep the shadow of death on the edges of my consciousness. My whole world condensed into one of only sensation… to only him.

The touch of his hand as it caressed my back, pressing just above my ass, pushing my body into a bowed arch. The feel of the leather belt against my ribcage. The sounds of his harsh breathing. At this very moment, he breathed for me.

At that sublime moment when I didn’t think I could take anymore; he released his grip on the belt. Sweet oxygen flowed into my lungs with a dizzying rush. My inner thighs clenched as I felt the equal rush of my own release. My own cries were drowned out by the sound of

Gregor’s possessive roar as he filled me with his warm come.

We both collapsed onto the bed.

His leather belt was still wrapped around my throat.

Rolling over, I tossed my arm over his flat stomach, “That was fun. What game should we play tomorrow?”

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