Reluctantly His

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Book Summary

First rule of being a bodyguard, don’t f*ck the woman you’re protecting.

And I want to break that rule so damn bad I can practically taste her.

She’s innocent, sheltered, and spoiled.

As Reid Taylor, former Army sergeant and head of security for the Manwarrings, the last thing I should be doing is babysitting my boss’s little sister.

I definitely shouldn’t be fantasizing about pinning her down, spreading her thighs and…

It should help that she fights my protection at every turn.

Disobeying my rules. Running away from me. Talking back with that sexy, smart mouth of hers.

But it doesn’t. It just makes me want her more.

I want to bend her over and claim her, hard and rough, until she begs for mercy.

That is a dangerous line I cannot cross.

She is an heiress, the precious daughter of one of the most powerful, multi-billionaire families in New York.

And I’m just her bodyguard, an employee. It would be the ultimate societal taboo.

But now her family is forcing her into an arranged marriage, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain my rising rage at the idea of another man touching her.

Explore the intriguing secrets and dark longings of New York’s elite as they come to life in this compelling series by USAT Bestselling authors Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.

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