Brutally His

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Book Summary

From our very first fiery encounter, I was tempted to fire my beautiful new assistant.

Right after I punished her for that defiant slap she delivered in response to my undeniably inappropriate kiss.

As Harrison Astrid, New York’s formidable District Attorney, distractions were a luxury I couldn’t afford.

Forming a shaky alliance with the Manwarrings and the Dubois, I was ensnared in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game.

As I strive to thwart my mother’s cunning manipulations and her deadly alliance with the Irish mob.

Yet, every time I cross paths with my assistant, our mutual animosity surges into a near-savage need to control and dominate her.

I am a man who demands obedience, especially from subordinates.

Her stubbornness fuels my urge to assert my dominance, my need to show her I’m not just her boss—I’m her master.

Unfortunately the fiancé I’m to accept to play high society’s charade, complicates things.

So I rein in my desire and resist the attraction between us.

Until the Irish mob targets my pretty little assistant… targets what’s mine.

Now there isn’t a force on earth that will keep me from tearing the city apart to find her.

Beneath the polished surface of high society, New York’s elite harbor twisted desires and scandalous secrets. Dive deep into a world of forbidden romances and hidden truths in this gripping series by the dynamic duo of USAT Bestselling authors, Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.

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