Brutal Heir

Brutal Heir, Book One (Coming This Summer!)

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Book Summary

She is innocent, but that won’t stop me from using her as a pawn for my revenge.
The House of Diamanti isn’t just a diamond dynasty; it’s a powerful empire under my complete control.
When my life of decadence and luxury—where nothing, and no one, is off limits—is challenged, someone must pay.
And that’s exactly what Sabrina’s family has done.
Since they dared to threaten my power, the game is on… and I never play games I cannot win.
With each move, I will draw her deeper under my influence.
Piece by piece, I will seize everything she loves.
By the time she realizes what’s happening, it will be too late.
I will have won the greatest prize of all: her heart.
And that is when my real revenge will begin.