Wicked Games

Wicked Games, Book One

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Book Summary

She’s caught in my game… she just doesn’t know it.
For weeks, I’ve been watching her. Stalking her.
Now it’s time to start playing with my beautiful little pawn.
From the moment I first saw her from afar, I knew she would become my prized possession.
I will gaslight her into thinking she is my obedient ward, trapped in the Victorian era.
She is my unwilling captive, forced to play my sadistic game for her own survival.
She will have no choice but to bow to my rules and discipline.
In time, her memories of a modern life will fade.
If not, she will pay a painful price.
Her pretty mind is so caught up in my nightmare, she will never escape me.
The most wicked deception of all?
This isn’t the first time we’re playing this game.