Seduction of the Patriarch

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Book Summary

With a single gunshot, she brings the violent secrets of my buried past into the present.

She may not have pulled the trigger, but she still has blood on her hands.

And I know some very creative ways to make her pay for it.

I am as ruthless as my Cavalieri ancestors who forged our powerful family legacy.

But no fortune is built without spilling blood.

I earn a reputation as a dangerous man to cross and make enemies along the way.

So to protect those I love, I hand over the mantle of patriarch to my brother and move to northern Italy.

For years, I stay in the shadows…

Then a vindictive mafia syndicate attacks my family.

Now nothing will prevent me from seeking vengeance on those responsible.

And I don’t give a damn who I hurt in the process including her.

Whether it takes seduction, punishment, or both, I intend to manipulate her as a means to an end.

Yet, the more my little kitten shows her claws, the more I want to make her purr.

My plan is to coerce her into helping me topple the mafia syndicate, and then retreat into the shadows.

But if she keeps fighting me… I might just have to take her with me.

If you love the dark and twisted romantic suspense of Natasha Knight, A. Zavarelli, Charmaine Pauls, and Anna Zaires, then this series is a must-read! 

Seduction of the Patriarch continues the sultry, enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance drama of the Cavalieri men. Scroll up and One Click now.